About Us


Kamalagita is Chair of the Cardiff Buddhist Centre. She has been practicing Buddhism for 25 years and is an experienced Buddhism and Meditation teacher. Originally from the Rhondda valley, she now lives with her husband and son in Cardiff. She is passionate about how we practice Buddhism in the here and now, in whatever lifestyle we find ourselves in. Besides teaching and mentoring at the Cardiff Buddhist Centre, she is involved with the Mindfulness movement in Wales, particularly in Education. She works with schools, training Headteachers, School staff and Students how to practice mindfulness to flourish and thrive and is writing a book on the subject. She is also a Welsh speaker.


I was Ordained  when I was 43 in 1992 (along with Vishvapani). At the time I was living in a retreat centre in Norfolk along with my friend Surana. We decided that we wanted our own project and to work together, so we moved to Cardiff to start a Buddhist Centre. Originally we lived in Barry and did classes at Chapter Arts, the University and in Swansea. As interest grew we realised that we needed somewhere more central to live and practice so we raised the money to buy the Centre in St. Peter's Street that we still now have. It was a period of inspiration, adventure, challenge, love, friendship and fun, which continues today. I have stepped back in the last few years but am still connected to a lot of people.



Vishvapani has been practising meditation and Buddhism for over 40 years. He’s well known as the Buddhist contributor to  BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day, and he works as a mindfulness and meditation teacher. He’s lives with Kamalagita, their son and a dog called Tessa. 


Hi there - I'm Padmasimha, and I've  been involved with the Cardiff Buddhist Centre for over 20 years, taking on various roles in that time, including teaching,  and a spell as the Chair. I was Ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 1994, and my name means 'lotus- lion' (in Sanskrit). I feel that part of my practice is making the teachings of the Buddha accessible and relevant to the times we live in. I also teach yoga, setting up the Cardiff yoga studio back in 1999. For me, yoga has been an important support to my meditation practice, and I enjoy bringing the two together in my classes.


Alokasanya has been practising Buddhism since the late 1990s, becoming ordained in 2013. Originally from the north of England, she was for many years involved with the sangha in Manchester, helping out with mitra convening, teaching, study-leading and arts events, whilst also working as an art therapist in the NHS. After retiring, in 2018 she moved to South Wales to be nearer to her daughter and grandchildren in Cardiff. She currently lives in the Darran Valley.


I’ve been coming to the CBC since 1999 and I can remember a distinct sense of ‘coming home’ when I first stepped through the door as if I’d arrived where I belonged after a very long journey.  I became a Mitra in 2001 and was ordained in June 2019 whilst on a 3 month ordination retreat in Spain. In introducing me as Kalyani (pronounced Kul-ya-nee) at my public ordination ceremony, my preceptor said she had chosen the literal translation ‘She who is noble and authentic’ because “my deep and genuine desire to follow the noble quest is evident in a brave, unshrinking quality of authenticity.”  This is my lifelong practice!  I enjoy working collaboratively on projects, supporting others on the path in the way I’ve been supported and hanging out with friends.  Currently, I’m co-leading a Foundation study group for women.  I work full-time and run meditation classes for colleagues.  I have also been involved in diversity events at work talking about my Buddhist faith.


Muditalila was born in Cardiff and lives in Roath with her husband Bob. Her working career has varied from adventure play and bar tending to community work and counselling. In 2020 she returned from seven years in San Antonio Texas where she volunteered at “Haven for Hope” an organisation supporting homeless people, providing classes in mindfulness and meditation. She now offers sessions in meditation and mindfulness as a volunteer in Cardiff. Muditalila’s name means “She whose play is sympathetic joy”. She first came to Cardiff Buddhist Centre in January 2001 and is now part of the Centre Team. “Buddhism has enabled me to turn my life around."


Thanks to the team at Adhisthana not being defeated by covid restrictions, and all the help I received from spiritual friends along the way, I was ordained in 2020 and given the name Amalavasini, which means she who lives with purity.  The natural world really inspires me to practise, particularly the sea,  which is why I am pictured here, a very new order member, showing my kesa to the tide at Caswell Bay.  At present, along with Muditalila, I am preparing to take on the role of Women's Mitra Convenor for the Cardiff Sangha, following Tamonuda's departure back to Lincolnshire.


My name is Saranasiri...'Radiance of the Three Jewels'. 
I am 85 and during my long life I have practiced in other Buddhist Traditions.
When moving to Cardiff, twenty years ago, I discovered  the Tiratana and stayed. I was ordained at Taraloka seven years ago by my Preceptor Sridevi.