Event Category: Weekend Events & Retreats

In addition to our regular programme of activities, we run special weekend events such as retreats, courses, and talks with guest speakers.

Retreats are focused periods of practice in a (usually rural) retreat centre, and often combine meditation, puja (ritual), talks, and periods of silence.

What? We are holding an open, interactive morning  to outline all of the activities we have on offer to enable you to take your interest in Buddhism further.  It is also an opportunity to meet others who are interested in Buddhism and to ask questions. With our Mitra Convenors: Amalavasini, Muditalila, Padmasimha and Sagaradana When […]

What? Join us for our annual Stroud & Cardiff Sangha’s Retreat. This year we are running a B&B retreat on “The Song of Meditation“, led by Kamalagita and Vimalachitta. When? 12-13th November 2022 Where? Cardiff Buddhist Centre Members of the Cardiff Sangha who offer to host a member of the Stroud Sangha over the weekend […]

“The only beauty that lasts is the beauty of the human heart“ Rumi What? In this weekend workshop led by Siddhisambhava, you will learn how to move into a healthier relationship with death through an experiential journey. Attending a death awareness event is definitely not for everyone. If you are ready for it though, if […]