Our lives are getting speedier and more of us are experiencing stress. Mindfulness is an ancient Buddhist practice that has been integrated with modern psychological understanding. It opens up a more spacious way of living, helping you feel more confident, relax more easily and be more fully present

On a mindfulness courses you’ll be taught a respected, proven approach by experienced mindfulness teachers. Becoming aware of the thoughts and reactions that hold you back is helpful if you’re working with challenges such as stress, anxiety or depression. If you have current mental health issues you’ll need to check with the teacher to see if this is the right time for you to learn mindfulness.

The courses are offered at the Cardiff Buddhist Centre by independent teachers who are associated with the Centre. The links will take you to their websites which have details of their forthcoming courses.

Mindfulness in Action: 8 week courses and follow-on courses taught by Vishvapani and Kamalagita, both members of the Triratna Buddhist Order. These follow the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) curriculum. They also teach mindfulness in workplaces, schools, and community and criminal justice settings.

Christopher Joseph offers day courses at the Centre introducing mindfulness as taught by Breathworks. Chris also offers mindfulness-based coaching.

Intro Courses

We run introductory classes, both in meditation and Buddhism.

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Meditation Courses

Meditation courses are an ideal way to begin or deepen a meditation practice, and offer a more comprehensive approach than drop-in classses.

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Meditation Drop-in

We run regular drop-in meditation classes, most of which are suitable for those with all levels of experience.

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