Here you can find recordings of talks given at the Cardiff Buddhist Centre or Centre retreats. You can either ‘stream’ (listen here) the talks using the controls below or click on the link and download the MP3 to your computer or music player.

Newer talks are available on the Centre’s Soundcloud account. We’ll be combining these two playlists of talks shortly.

Vishvapani — Beneath the Rose-Apple Tree

Talk given at the Cardiff Buddhist Centre on Sangha Night, Tuesday, 23 August 2016.

In his search for Awakening, the Buddha recalled a childhood experience of meditative happiness while he sat beneath a rose-apple tree, and realised, ‘This is the path to Enlightenment’. Vishvapani’s talk is about this episode in the Buddhist scriptures, and what it tells us about the Buddhist path.     This talk was recorded in two parts so make sure to download / listen to both, see below.

Vishvapani – Beneath the Rose-Apple Tree, part 1

…or download here.

Vishvapani – Beneath the Rose-Apple Tree, part 2

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Vaddhaka — The Decline of Community: A Buddhist Response

Talk given at the Cardiff Buddhist Centre on Sangha Night, Tuesday, 17th May 2016.

A sense of community is vital to a meaningful life. But what is increasingly lost with modern economic development is that sense of community. Where can we find community, and what can we do to preserve and promote its development?

Vaddhaka is the author of The Buddha on Wall Street: What’s Wrong with Capitalism and What We Can Do about It

1 Vaddhaka – The decline of community (51 mins)

…or download here.

2 Vaddhaka – The decline of community – Questions + Answers (13 mins)

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Sagaradana — series of 3 talks on the Metta Bhavana

These three short talks were given by Sagaradana at the March 2015 Cardiff Buddhist Centre weekend retreat.

The talks describe a personal journey with a friend and companion. They get right to the heart of their relationship, exploring the difficulties that come up when two travellers are bound together for forty three years. At times they don’t communicate, at other times they tussle with confrontation and at other times there is tenderness and compassion.

The talks take a creative look at the Metta Bhavana. The talks are aimed at meditators who prefer the Mindfulness of Breathing and have difficulty coming to grips with Metta. I hope you can find something here that can be of benefit in your own practice.


Metta Talk 1

…or download here.

Metta Talk 2

…or download here.

Metta Talk 3

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Paramabandhu and Vimalasara — Interview with Vishvapani about 8-Step Recovery

…or download here.

Ratnaprabha — Finding the Mind

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Manjuvajra — The Cosmos Needs Your Help

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Will Elworthy — Dhyana

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Padmasimha — Sila (Ethics)

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Vajragupta — Bodhichitta

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Kamalagita — The Bodhisattva Ideal

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Vishvapani — Mindfulness and Liberation

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Jenny Franks and Ben Jarrett – Buddha Day 2014 Talks

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