Young Persons

“On what principles should we base our actions and beliefs?”

In the modern world, with its plethora of spiritual teachers in books and on the internet, it can be confusing as to which way to go. Join us to discuss again the Kalama Sutta, a discourse of the Buddha in which he offers guidance on how to discern for ourselves which teachings are beneficial and unbeneficial. There will be meditation, an introduction to the sutta, followed by a discussion and finally an optional puja.

Here is a translation by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

And here is a link to an animation of the discourse by Aryaloka Computer Education which paraphrases the Sutta

Young persons events are suitable for those aged 35 and under who are familiar with the Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana meditations.

Doors open 9:30 for a 10am start – 1:30pm

Best wishes & see you soon,

Ben Jarrett

Any questions regarding Young Person events call or text me on 0795 265 9903

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