Weekend for Women at Tiratanaloka: 4-6th May 2018

Weekend for Women at Tiratanaloka  May 4th to 6th

Theme: Women in Buddhism

Cost: £130 Waged £105 Low waged £70 Unwaged or Broke!

ALL Women are welcome to come along for a weekend at Tiratanaloka. This is a very precious opportunity. Tiratanaloka is a retreat centre for women where many retreat are held for women who ask for ordination, usually it is specifically for those retreats. For the last few years we have booked a weekend and gone there. It’s a great opportunity to relax, meditate and deepen our friendships whilst soaking up a very beautiful atmosphere imbued by years of practice and also beautiful surroundings.

The subject this year will be Women in Buddhism particularly the ones who were practising at the time of the Buddha.

If you would like to join us please book your place directly via Tiratanaloka using the link below!

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