Weekend Sangha retreat: The Imaginal Faculty and the Dharma

Weekend retreat at Adhisthana, 18th-20th January 2019

Theme: The Imaginal Faculty and the Dharma

We are very fortunate that Sangharakshita emphasised the importance of the Imaginal Faculty in our Dharma lives. Come on this weekend where we’ll explore this theme together through meditation, talks and discussion, ritual practice and connecting with nature and each other.

Adhisthana is a retreat centre in a beautiful setting, between Ledbury and the Malvern Hills. It is the resting place of Sangharakshita, our teacher and founder. Adhisthana means ‘grace waves’ and it is in this setting we can feel the grace waves of Sangharakshita, the Buddha and the Dharma. This will be a good way to begin 2019.

The team for this retreat is Chandramani, Sagaradana and Alokasanna, all creative individuals!

Cost for the weekend (all inclusive)

£130 for single room option (limited spaces) (this is for those who have a preference to be on their own, rather than have a medical condition that dictates they need a single room. If you do need a single room for medical reasons, please ask when booking)

£120 Full waged

£100 Mid waged

£80 Broke! (There are limited spaces for this category please book early)

Booking is available below or via the office if necessary.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.

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