The Five Powers an Urban Sangha Retreat: Online

Confidence, Clarity, Energy, Stillness and Purpose: 

The Five Powers, an Urban Sangha Retreat 

with Cardiff and Stroud Sanghas taught by Kamalagita, Vimalachitta, Parami and team.

“The overall purpose of these faculties is the living of a Buddhist Life. Buddhism is concerned with life. One might say that Buddhism is itself life- life in the sense of growth, in the sense of realizing the potential of one’s life. A Buddhist is someone who is first and last alive- awake to life.” 

                                                                                    Sangharakshita, What is the Dharma?

Join us from November 23rd – 29th for the precious opportunity of an Urban Sangha Retreat.

  For those who wish to, this can be an intensive retreat at home. But it will also be flexible, allowing those who are balancing work and family responsibilities to participate and catch up later.

  The Five Powers, or Spiritual Faculties, are qualities that we can cultivate in our daily lives to help us feel more confident, clear, energetic, still and purposeful. They act not as separate qualities but as a mandala, a circle of relationship that influence and balance each other. Cultivating these qualities can have a profound impact on ourselves, our community and the world around us.

  The retreat will not be 7 hours a day on Zoom! Instead we will punctuate the day with points of practice and you have the freedom to develop and reflect on the theme in your own way at home. We’ll be there to support you with guided meditations, talks and discussions, and your computer screen will transform into a portal connecting you with others who also want to bring more depth into their lives, especially at this difficult time.

  The wonderful thing about an Urban Retreat is how you engage is up to you. If you want to and are able to create quiet, undistracted conditions and turn your home into a pop-up retreat centre for a week that would be great. But equally, if you have to fit the retreat around other things over the week that will work too, giving you a chance see how your Dharma practice influences those activities, and how those  activities affect your Dharma practice.

The daily programme will look like this:

7.30-8.30 am Meditation

Also the opportunity to learn how to meditate

10.30- 12.30 pm Main teaching programme- talks/discussion/ workshop etc

4- 5/5.30 pm Afternoon event

8.00 pm Evening offering- short talks, puja etc

The types of activities on offer will be:

  • Meditation
  • Dharma talks and discussion
  • Themed workshops
  • Check in groups
  • Group meditation enquiry
  • Arts events
  • Creative writing
  • Story telling
  • Short talks about inspiration and practice
  • Puja
  • A Sesshin (intensive meditation practice day)
  • Culminating in an inspiring Sangha Day Festival on 29thNovember

Cost: By donation, suggested amount £50-£150 depending on circumstances

Please Donate through our Charity link below-Thank you! (Access codes and Itinerary will follow nearer the date!)


NB: Register your interest below and you will receive full joining instructions along with the Full Itinerary.

Thank you and we’ll see you there!


Bookings are no longer available for this event.

Event Details

This event finished on 28 November 2020