Skills Auction

Awakening the Dragon

Skills Auction on

Saturday 18th November at 7 o’clock

Hi everyone, and thank you to all who have offered skills so far. You will be sharing your talents, expertise and creativity to enable us to teach Buddhism far into the future. We all know how this can transform lives. Please come along for this evening Pramudita will be the auctioneer and it will of course, be entertaining.

Here is a sample of what is on offer, I am not giving it all away though!

A Harry Potter wand making workshop, Cook you a meal, stained glass panel, a knitted item of your choice, dog walking, learn to play an instrument, bread making, marathon training, a portrait, a day’s bush craft, yoga and wild camping …….. And more

Please come along, last minute skills offered on the night always welcome.

Love Tamonuda x

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