Sangha Night: Closed for Festive Period Sangha night resumes Tues 7th Jan 2020

Sangha nights are an opportunity to come together in friendship and practice. Each week we look to bring part of the Buddha’s teaching to study, discuss and investigate how these teachings and useful practices can help us understand why being human can often be quite painful. The Buddha knew how human existence brought much suffering and endeavoured to pass on his teachings. This was to help all living beings become more able to see things how they really are and offered them tools (discourses/teachings and practices) to help build a pathway to freedom.

Sangha evenings are suitable for those who have completed an introduction to Buddhism course or/and are familiar with the Triratna meditations.  We look forward to meeting you.


6:00 Tatties Tuesdays (come for a shared meal)

7:15 Class starts

7:30 Meditation, talk, discussion and ritual

9:30 Finish


There’s no charge for the class, but the Centre relies on the generosity of the people who use it. Please Give a donation or make out a Standing Order to the Centre (in which case we can boost your donation by reclaiming the tax you’ve paid as Gift Aid). You can also pay on the evening.




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