Sangha Night: Reflecting on Dukkha  (Unsatisfactoriness)

Reflecting on Dukkha  (Unsatisfactoriness)
Talk & Workshop with Vishvapani, 
Tuesday Dec 11th
Continuing with the theme of reflection and insight, Tuesday’s Sangha Night will focus on dukkha, or unsatisfactoriness. In Buddhist teachings, what happens when we encounter difficulties is the key to our lives. What leads us to react unconsciously and perhaps unskilfully? What effect does this have on us? And how can we escape these unhelpful patterns?
Vishvapani will explore these themes in our direct experience, drawing on many years teaching mindfulness and meditation, often with people experiencing suffering. 
Next Week …
Tuesday 18th December: Ritual to mark 49 days after Sangharakshita’s death.

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7:15 Class starts

7:30 Meditation, talk, discussion and ritual

9:30 Finish


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