Sangha Night,14th August: Positive Emotion with Sagaradana

  Positive Emotion
7:15 Tuesday 14th August

Led by Sagaradana
Following on with Vishvapani’s theme of Positive Emotion.

Surely it is the hearts wish to dwell in this state continually throughout every moment. Sadly the reality is never quite the case. We will look into our own minds, finding the ways to develop and maintain this state by ‘steering’ in meditation. To do this we will practice the skill of ‘intelligent noticing’.
If there is time we will also explore the seven stages of the Puja as the 7 positive moods that we invoke in ourselves during this classic Bodhisattva practice.
Sangha Night over the Summer 
Sangha Night will continue each week over the summer. We’re exploring a range of positive emotions and qualities.
6:00 Tatties Tuesdays (come for a shared meal)
7:15 Class starts
7:30 Meditation, talk, discussion and ritual
9:30 Finish
There’s no charge for the class, but the Centre relies on the generosity of the people who use it. Please Give a donation or make out a Standing Order to the Centre (in which case we can boost your donation by reclaiming the tax you’ve paid as Gift Aid). You can also pay on the evening.



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