Sangha Night: Faith week 5: Led by Saranasiri

Tuesdays Sangha night 7.15-9.30

Theme: Faith and Me

Led by: Saranasiri.

This session, as part of our season on the Five Spiritual faculties we have been exploring the Spiritual faculty of Sraddha, or Faith, and what this means in Buddhism. Vishvapani has already looked at faith in the Buddha and faith in the Dharma, the teaching of the Buddha. Chandramani last week looked at Faith in the Sangha, the community of those who follow the Buddha’s teaching. This week Saranasiri looks at what Faith means for her, practising the Five Spiritual Faculties and how it has changed her life.

Please note evening will start at the new, earlier time of 7:15pm. As usual though the Centre will be open from about 5:30 for anyone who wants to arrive early share a meal. Bring Vegan food to share if you can.

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