Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation – The Three Jewels (Course now Full)

Oct 9th–  November 27th  2019 (week’s break on October 30th for half term) 

Time 7.15pm-9.15 pm

Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation – The Three Jewels

Have you always been interested in what being a Buddhist means?

Come along to our 7 week introduction course to Buddhism and Meditation. You’ll learn about the Buddha: Who was he? What is a Buddha? You’ll discover Buddhist teachings such as ethical principles and how you can practice them in your busy lives. You’ll learn to meditate, and see how when you slow and still, that you can develop calm in your lives. With this calm comes a certain clarity and perspective that you can develop. Finally, you’ll learn about the community who call themselves Buddhists, do they need to be monks and nuns, or can the teachings be relevant to and practiced by anyone with a modern lifestyle in Wales?

Price Fully waged £95/Low waged£65/Unwaged £40 includes book, Introducing Buddhism by Chris Pauling

Taught by Kamalagita (Chair of Cardiff Buddhist Centre) and team

“I attended a course 6 months ago to find out more about Buddhism . It gave me an opportunity to engage in meditation and to learn some Buddhist basics, it was also good fun and very welcoming! I have made some friends at the Buddhist Centre and returned for other events although there was no pressure to do so. I would recommend the course from both a informative discussion and practical meditation perspective .”


Bookings are no longer available for this event.

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