I’ll Meet You There event: Led by Shantigarbha

Title: I’ll Meet You There
Format: one-day workshop 10-4pm

Leader: Shantigarbha

Cost £50 Fully waged £35 low waged £20 unwaged

A day on empathy, the theme of Shantigarbha’s recent book, I’ll Meet You There: a practical guide to empathy, mindfulness and communication published by Windhorse PublicationsRead the first chapter and order the paperback and e-book here.

Shantigarbha shows how we connect with each other in the space that opens up when we let go of our ideas of good and bad, right and wrong. To empathize with others, we need to learn how to empathize with ourselves, so that when we reach out, we do so from the inside out. Empathy is the missing piece in developing compassion. Empathy personalises compassion and gives it traction in the world.

– guided empathy reflections from Shantigarbha’s book

– empathy stories from the life of the Buddha

– practical exercises to help you develop your listening skills.

Open to all ‘levels’.

Shantigarbha is a certified Nonviolent Communication trainer and a senior Order member. For more about his work, visit: www.SeedofPeace.org



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