Full Moon Puja devoted to Buddha Ratnasambhava

“Everything in this realm flows in abundance”

Full moon puja devoted to the yellow Buddha Ratnasambhava.

This Friday 31st July 6:45 for 7pm start

He meditates on a yellow lotus throne.  With his right hand he places his palm outwards on his knee gently making the gesture of Supreme Giving.  In his left hand he holds the most beautiful jewel.

The Buddha Ratnasambhava helps us find spiritual-abundance in ourselves where all we feel is spiritual-poverty; equanimity where all we experience is chaos.  As the summer sun shines high in the sky, this is a perfect opportunity to dwell in the realm of the Jewel-born Ratnasambhava,

Everyone is more than welcome to join me at this month’s full moon puja in an evening of meditation and devotion.  Please bring anything creative or artistic that you may wish to share.

With much metta

Chris R

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