Drop-in Meditation 7.15-8.15pm: Now available Online

We welcome you to our online Wed Evening meditation – drop in session

if you would like to join us please use the Zoom platform with following code


We look forward to you joing us online whilst the centre is closed

General information:

We offer two complementary classic Buddhist practices:

  • Mindfulness of Breathing to develop awareness and concentration.
  • Metta Bhavana to develop warm positive emotion and compassion,

Online Classes start at 7.15pm and end at 8.15pm

In addition to helping you with good posture we will support you in developing your own practice through led meditations.  We will also encourage you to try meditation at home.

The Buddha described the mind as a wild animal, and often our experience of meditation is to be overwhelmed by thoughts, however, our aim is not to force the mind into submission but to learn how to expand it.

Meditation is a skill and through practice and patience we can learn to calm the mind to enjoy a rich awareness of our experience;  a clarity, stillness and blissful delight in every moment.

The evening will end around 8.15pm.



Event Details

This event finished on 27 May 2020