Day Retreat: The Wisdom of the Worldly Winds

Day retreat Led by Vajragupta
Sunday 22nd April 2018
Time 10 am – 4.30 pm Doors open 9.30am
Cost £40/30/15
The worldly winds are gain/loss, praise/blame, fame/disgrace, pleasure/pain. The Buddha used the teaching of the worldly winds to describe the ever-changing, see-sawing conditions of our lives: sometimes we get what we want, but othertimes we get the exact opposite, throwing us into either exhilaration or despair, confidence or uncertainty.
In Vajragupta’s book “Sailing the Worldly Winds” he mainly concentrates on how ethical responses to the worldly winds help us rise above them. On this day retreat he will be sharing new material that takes the worldly winds as a wisdom teaching, a starting point for reflecting on impermance and cultivating a wiser, freer, and more equanamous attitude to the ups and downs of our lives. We will also explore how the practice of “ethics” and that of “wisdom” need and reinforce each other. This will be a day of discussion, meditation and reflection, both practical and profound.


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