Conversations about Meditation

What is it?
Meditation is a key aspect of Buddhist practice, and indeed an interest in meditation is what led many of us to come to a Buddhist Centre in the first place. Yet, we don’t often talk about our meditation practice.  Even on meditation retreats, over cups of tea and in groups there is often more talking about the  ’stuff’ (i.e. content) that emerges during meditations, rather  than about how we are getting on with the practice and whether we think it is effective.  In this new series of events we will be taking a good look at meditation practice itself — how people practice, for how long, and what they are actually doing when they are meditating.
We will be exploring questions like “What is the importance of access concentration?”, “What is the role of meditation in Buddhist practice as a whole?”, “What are the differences between Buddhist and other types of meditation?”
We’ll also be talking about Dhyana and Insight (and if you don’t yet know what these terms refer to, then come along to find out!)
To this end, Marc Buehner will be interviewing order members about their meditation practice.  The aim of this new series of events is to take a peek behind the scenes of what a well established meditation practice looks like, and what we can learn and apply to our own practice, on as well as off the cushion. We are aiming for an informal, conversational tone, and to create a space for the Sangha to come together and share their experiences. Each session will be followed by a Question & Answer session as well.
To kick off this new series, Marc will be interviewing Chandramani.
Marc is a GFR mitra and works as a professor of psychology; Chandramani leads the men’s Going for Refuge Study Group in the Cardiff Sangha and works as a consultant psychiatrist.
It’s bound to be an interesting night!
Hope to see you there!
When & Where?
Friday 7th October at the Cardiff Buddhist Centre. Doors open at 19:00 for a 19:30 start.
How much?
This is a free event.

Event Details