Sangha B&B Retreat – “The Song of Meditation”


Join us for our annual Stroud & Cardiff Sangha’s Retreat. This year we are running a B&B retreat on “The Song of Meditation“, led by Kamalagita and Vimalachitta.


12-13th November 2022


Cardiff Buddhist Centre

Members of the Cardiff Sangha who offer to host a member of the Stroud Sangha over the weekend (B&B) benefit from a reduced booking fee.


How much?

Suggested donation:

General: £75.00

Hosts: £35.00


After you place your booking you will be redirected to our donations page, where you can make your contribution.

Dana-based Events

1. If you cannot attend an event, you must give notice up to 48h prior to the start of the event. To cancel your booking, please e-mail

2. For all in person events, you must comply with the measures in place at the Centre to prevent the spread of covid-19.

Event Details