A Weekend with Vajradevi

The Beautiful Mind

September 21st and 22nd at the Buddhist Centre

10 o’clock for tea 10.30 start to finish at 4.30

Awareness and Wisdom are both qualities of a mind that is beautiful, clear seeing and free. These and other qualities of the ‘kalyana’, or ‘ethically lovely’ mind will be explored on this weekend through the lens of the Satipatthana Sutta, the Buddha’s teaching on Mindfulness, and the five Spiritual Faculties. We will explore the experience of receptive and open awareness, to cultivate both beauty and truth, while allowing the whole range of experience to be known.


Vajradevi has been teaching meditation for many years. Her website is uncontrivedmindfulness.net if you wish to find out more about her background, training and reflections on mindfulness.

I have been on several retreats with her and she is a very Insightful teacher and experienced meditator with a sense of humour and a deep appreciation of the natural world. For those of you who want to deepen your meditation practice this weekend is ideal and a precious opportunity not to be missed. It is open to all who have some experience of meditation at the centre.

Cost for both days: Fully waged £95.00/Low waged £70.00/unwaged £40


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