Join Jan and Celia for a light meal prior to Sangha Night. Baked potatoes and butter will be provided. Please bring a vegetarian filling of your choice to share.

Sangha Night, Tuesday 15th October The Third Ethical Precept and Stillness Simplicity and Contentment Talk and discussion Led by Vishvapani The third of the five Buddhist ethical precepts is ‘I undertake to abstain from sexual misconduct’, and the positive counterpart is ‘With deeds of loving kindness I purify my body’. The precept prompts us to […]

Doors open at 6:50 for a 7am start. Must be familiar with both the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana meditations. Wednesday morning team.

On Wednesdays between 11am and 2.00 pm we are open to the public. You can just drop in and have a chat with our volunteers over a cup of tea. As well as looking round the centre, we have a library of Buddhist books you can browse, a bookshop, and an emporium which sells incense, […]

Wednesday evening is devoted to Meditation. General information: We offer two complementary classic Buddhist practices: Mindfulness of Breathing to develop awareness and concentration. Metta Bhavana to develop warm positive emotion and compassion, Doors open at 7pm Classes start at 7.15pm and end at 8.15pm ( There will be no access after this time so please arrive […]

Sangha nights are an opportunity to come together in friendship and practice. Each week we look to bring part of the Buddha’s teaching to study, discuss and investigate how these teachings and useful practices can help us understand why being human can often be quite painful. The Buddha knew how human existence brought much suffering and […]

Ritual and Puja Saturday 26th October 10 o clock, start finishing with lunch. A lot of you have expressed an interest in exploring the importance and meaning of these aspects of Buddhism, they can be challenging and raise many questions for many of us when we start to become more deeply involved. Here is an opportunity […]