We welcome you to our online Wed Evening meditation – drop in session if you would like to join us please use the Zoom platform with following code We look forward to you joing us online whilst the centre is closed General information: We offer two complementary classic Buddhist practices: Mindfulness of Breathing […]

Every Thursday from 12.30-1.30 Please use the Zoom platform below using the code provided to access the event online. A drop-in meditation class for newcomers and practised meditators

Saturday 30th May 9am to 3pm “In Siberian myth, when you want to hurt someone you crawl into their tent and close the smoke hole. Close the smoke hole and you break connection to the divine world. Mountains rivers, trees.” Currently all of us have experienced solitude and been in an unusual space-familiar surroundings, unfamiliar […]

Meeting on the first Monday of each month, 3-5pm in the Cardiff Buddhist Centre’s upstairs shrine room. This group is aimed at all writers, whether aspiring or established, to develop and explore their skills, and enjoy the company of other writers in the Sangha. Sessions will include a period of meditation, writing prompts, some sharing […]

For the next period Sangha Night will focus on meditation, checking in on practice and short rituals We look forward to seeing you! Tuesdays Sangha evenings will always have the same code as below! To join us please use the Zoom code as below: 658480009 Finishing at 9:00 Because screen time can get a bit […]

We welcome you our online early morning mediation session. Please log in using the  Zoom platform with the code We look forward to you joining us Wednesday morning team.