Event Category: Special Events

In addition to our regular programme of activities, we run special events that usually need booking, such as retreats, courses, and special guest speakers.

Weekend retreat at Adhisthana, 18th-20th January 2019 Theme: The Imaginal Faculty and the Dharma We are very fortunate that Sangharakshita emphasised the importance of the Imaginal Faculty in our Dharma lives. Come on this weekend where we’ll explore this theme together through meditation, talks and discussion, ritual practice and connecting with nature and each other. […]

Mind Reactive, Creative Hi All, I really like this little booklet written by Sangharakshita in 1971. It looks at how our mind shapes the world and how we can move from automatically reacting to our experience to being more creative in our response. I will be running a four week course based on this open […]

Start date Wednesday 6th February at 7.15pm for seven weeks. This seven-session meditation course is suitable for anyone familiar with the Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana meditation practices. Each week we will reflect on one of the five hindrances as taught by the Buddha and consider how they affect both our meditation practice and […]

We are holding a skills auction at the Buddhist Centre following the great success we had with an auction last year. We have many ideas, projects and work on the building we wish to undertake to continue developing the Centre and of course the sangha. The auction last year was a great success and the […]