Event Category: Sangha Nights

Sangha means ‘community’ in Pali. Sangha nights are weekly community nights – usually with meditation, talks and ritual (puja).

Join Jan and Celia for a light meal prior to Sangha Night. Baked potatoes and butter will be provided. Please bring a vegetarian filling of your choice to share.

Gautama the Bodhisattva Led by Vishvapani, Tuesday January 22nd Stories of the Buddha on the path to Enlightenment and in his previous lives as a bodhisattva. Vishvapani is the author of ‘Gautama Buddha: The Life and Teachings of the Awakened One’ Here is the audio of last week’s talk, Dimensions of the Bodhisattva Ideal This Spring The theme of Sangha Night […]

Each week Sangha evening gives us an opportunity to meet together in friendship and practice. Our members offer talks and teachings from the Buddhist texts and our teacher Bhante Sangharakshita.  Timings 6:00 Tatties Tuesdays (come for a shared meal) 7:15 Class starts 7:30 Meditation, talk, discussion and ritual 9:30 Finish Dana There’s no charge for […]