Event Category: Film Nights

We run film nights on the first Friday of every month where we show films that, while not necessarily Buddhist, explore themes related to the dharma, such as friendship, ethics and transcendence.

The Man from Earth is a 2007 American drama science fiction that focuses on John Oldman, a retiring university professor surprised by an impromptu farewell party given by his colleagues. It stimulates rumination on our attitudes towards impermanence and death, the far reaching influence of one human life, the limiting nature of fixed views and […]

Even though the World is Burning is a biography of W. S. Merwin, the poet laureate and two-time Pulitzer winner and environmental activist. As well as being a practising Buddhist and prolific poet Merwin was also very concerned about the world. From the late 1970’s he lived on an old plantation in Hawaii which he […]

Set in New Zealand in the mid-19th century, The Piano tells the story of Ada, a mute widow, who travels across the world for an arranged marriage, bringing with her her daughter Flora, who acts as her sign language interpreter, and her beloved piano. ‘It is one of those rare movies that is not just […]