Young Buddhists: Buddhism, meditation, friendship for 18-35s

We offer young people donation based courses that teach Buddhist meditation and teachings of the Buddha. We show how we can apply these teachings to all areas of our lives.



‘Our life is shaped by our minds, we become what we think’



Meet some of the Team

We are the 18-35s team. Friends practising Buddhism and meditation together.


‘Through friendship we have the opportunity to develop generosity, compassion, patience and forgiveness’

– Sangharakshita

     Getting involved

Our next session is 11th October 7.15pm – late @ Cardiff Buddhist Centre in the upstairs kitchen/shrine room. Doors open 7pm. After the session has finished we will be hanging around to chat, share food, tea and stories :). Courses are offered on a donation basis.

Our team:

Matt, Medi and Amber! Buddhists, friends, Dharma warriors!

We can be contacted by email – triratnaypcardiff@gmail.com if you have any questions.